Worldwide car shipping from the USA Auctions: Copart, Iaai, Manheim

AuctionAuto is an international company that provides services for the purchase and delivery of any vehicle from auto auctions (Copart, Iaai, Manheim, Impact and many others) all over the world.

Shipping cost calculator

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* In addition, a fee may be charged for parking the car at the port of dispatch

How is the shipping cost calculated?

To calculate the shipping cost to your region, use the shipping calculator above.

  • For the US residents, shipping charges will be based on overland shipping only.
  • The price for international shipment consists of transportation by land to the port of departure and container shipment by sea.
  • The cost of transportation depends on the vehicle size (motorcycle / sedan / minivan / truck, etc.)

Shipping ports in the USA and Canada.

We cooperate with a large number of ports, that gives us advantages in logistics. The choice of ports allows us to minimize the prices for transportation by land - from the auction site to the nearest port of departure.

  • New York;
  • Chicago;
  • Miami;
  • Los Angeles;
  • Houston;
  • Norfolk;
  • Seattle;
  • Savannah;
  • Anchorage;
  • Toronto.

Sending ports from Korea

  • Busan;
  • Incheon.

*Please specify the cost of delivery from South Korea to your country. [email protected]

What auction locations do we ship from?

The main auctions that we cooperate with are: in the USA there are Copart, Iaai, Manheim etc., in Canada we deal with Impactauto, Adesa and etc., in South Korea there are, AutoWini, LotteAutoAuction

Worldwide shipping
AuctionAuto is able to ship everywhere in the world, to any world's port.
The full documentary support
We prepare all the necessary documents for shipping. After shipping the vehicle, we add copies of the documents (Title and Bill Of Lading) to your personal account. The originals will be sent to your address by post.
Minimal shipping terms
Shipping terms for each country are rather individual. We are a wholesale company, therefore, our goods get the priority in the consolidation of goods, that means that our clients have the priority in loading and dispatching.
Track the shipping (in process)
In your personal account you can track the shipment by vin number. We will provide a detailed photo report before loading the car on a tow truck and before loading at the port of departure. Also we will inform you about all stages of cargo transportation.
Buy any lot
Send a link for any lot and we will buy it for you

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